The situation: 

I guy I used to speak to… 4 years ago, hits me on Facebook.  While looking at his profile, I notice that he’s listed as “in a relationship” LINKED to the girl. I view the girl’s profile and half her pictures are of of THEM TOGETHER. 

If I were an an immature girl with no concept of self-worth, I’d have continued the conversation in the picture on the left, but I’m a grown woman. I don’t want anybody else’s man. My homie @DesiBlack_Star once tweeted:
 “shoutout to everybody that think the person they wit, that cheated on someone else wit them, bout to b faithful #youlookprettystupid.” 

#RealTalk Des.

The Problem: 
What upset me most is, do I look like the girl that would be okay with that? Now? I’m 22 years old. Not 16. Not 17. There is no “Teen” after my age. This is not the time for me to run around with some man who doesn’t want me. Do you think I have that little respect for myself? Not only was this fool disrespecting his lady, Mallorie, but me as well.  Not havin it. 

The Solution:
My response in the photo above (screen shot of my Facebook message from him) is exactly how a Lady stops that conversation and puts another woman’s man in his place. I respect this girl even though I don’t know her. Honestly, I pity her more than anything else. Here she is, editing pictures in MS Paint with hearts and his name all over it and he’s hitting me up at 2:30am. It hurts to think of how I’d feel if that were me. How many men have done that to me? I mean, I didn’t send Mallorie a message as I wish other women would do for me. But if I didn’t do it, why would anyone else? I just hope you read this, Mallorie, and get RID of him. 

Avoiding men like this is the only option you have. Regardless of what you think, what you’ve heard or what a man says, men don’t change.  The image to the right is a screen shot of the text messages from this SAME fool (Junior isn’t his real name, and the rest of the number doesn’t show so I figured its safe to post. But this is just a clue to if this is YOUR man). He practically hit me the ENTIRE summer. 

He misses me? He don’t miss me, what this fool is missing is respect.