FALL 2010 TREND: Military Greens

I work at ALDO shoes. We occasionally have to do a “floor verification” that basically tells us which shoes are missing off the floor. If you’re on to do the verification after a shipment has come in, you get to see all the new shoes first. We have a shoe in the store called “Norkus” that first came in in black and taupe.  I’d been waiting for a military green to come in and, low and behold, The Norkus came in under the label “Khaki”. They can call it what they want, it’s military green in my book.

The military green was seen walking down the runways for the Fall 2010 collections of  Burberry, Anni Sui, Nicole Miller, Oscar de La Renta (my fav deisgner) among many others. H&M jumped on the trend and their window visuals nation wide are seeping in military green.  I got a dress from the goodwill, it’s Liz Claiborne so, very far from couture, but well made and 100% cotton. When money is tight, remember: Quality & fashion over letters on a label.

This color is going to look amazing in the fall. It’ll work with the natural colors of the season: reds, oranges, browns. Colors capable of warming up the coolness of this particular green. I plan on wearing this dress with some high, brown, leather boots. Might even put on some really thick knit stockings or knee-high socks. Bundled with a comfy scarf, I’ll be ready to transition into the winter. Can’t effin wait!

The simple fact that it’s a dress does something amazing. The green has a masculine feel to it (with it being darker) but as a dress there is an added femininity that works very well. The ruffles on the Oscar version (below) add the femininity even more, softening the color as well as the feel of the outfit. This goes with the androgynous feel we’ve been seeing a lot of latley in fashion as well as music with the likes of Elly Jackson feature in ELLE’s July 2010 issue as saying, “I get a lot of bras and pants thrown onstage… Evidently, my androgyny appeals to both sexes.” Hey, the more the merrier, I guess! 

So here’s my dress next to its idol. (Oh! & mine has pockets, too!)