Cheap Givenchy?!? That’s a contradiction! (LOL @ Starburst’s new campaign)
So I’d like to give the initial apology that I don’t have on of those cool necklace stands to show you the necklace on but, this will have to do. This Givenchy necklace was a last minute find. Literally. My mom saw it at the register as we were checking out, showed it to me and put it down. I was attracted by the toggle clasp in the back because it looked very Tiffany & Co. and anyone who knows me knows that Holly Golightly and myself could peruse Tiffany’s windows all day long. Not to mention, Audrey Hepburn was a regular customer of the Givenchy house and wore Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hepburn was such a muse to Givenchy that she was the model chosen to promote the line’s first perfume, L’interdit, in 1957.
I couldn’t find much information on this piece in particular (it’s kind of hard to research vintage, or perhaps I just don’t know how yet). Both the clasp and the inside of the petal pieces are signed “Givenchy,” so I’ll take it for what it is until I’m told otherwise (hopefully never!). Someone is trying to sell a pewter version for $222. Technically, I could make a $221 profit off this! Too bad I keep all my pretty things for myself. The website also claims the piece is from Givenchy’s 1970s collection but it’ll take some more researching to validate that. The Givenchy  house was founded in 1952, giving them many collections before the creation of my new found necklace. 
The piece reminds me of Athens. The petals look like the wreaths a Greek goddess might have adorned herself with. This isn’t strange as Givenchy aimed to dress women, appealing to their curves, beauty and sensuality. The piece, I’m supposing made of silver, might be too heavy and clunky for me to wear out right now, but I know I’ll get my use of it in the winter. Strapless ALL THE WAY with this find. But then again, I wear what I want, so… beware.
Finds like this make me wish there was an archive of every single item in every single collection so people could just know. We all have dreams, don’t we?